Afternoon Programs

We offer additional programs throughout the week in the afternoons, immediately following the Morning Program. Afternoon programs have limited space, and are not guaranteed. For information about pricing, visit Tuition & Requirements.

Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K)

Our Pre-K program is designed to provide children with an environment and skill set that will enhance their last year of preschool and encourage a successful transition to Kindergarten. Activities include the Handwriting Without Tears program, math and science projects that scaffold on from the morning activities, child-led cooking, group games, public speaking, democratic decision and rule making, independent (child-centered) activities, and rotating job assignments. Children develop their self-help skills and are encouraged to cultivate a strong sense of self, as well as a respect for friends and peers. The Pre-K program strives to teach both independence and interdependence skills. Within the comfort and familiarity of their play-based environment, children will begin to explore rules and expectations similar to those expected in many Kindergarten programs.

Schedule: 2 afternoons / week

Pre-K students typically attend two sessions per week, from noon to 2:15pm.

Age: 4+

Priority is given to children who are eligible to begin Kindergarten the following school year.

Ratio: 1 to 6

The Pre-K program is supported by the Director and Head Teacher, and is limited to 12 students.

Lunch: Packed

Students bring a lunch from home to eat at Pre-K.

Pre-K Daily Schedule

12:00 Kids play outside while non-Pre-K kids head home

12:15 Children come inside for hand washing and lunch with teachers

12:45 As children finish lunch, they move to the carpet for partner or group activities

12:55 Handwriting Without Tears practice (Tuesdays) or Student-led circle time, with a group discussion about the week’s activities (Thursdays)

1:10 Inside free choice time, with activities and ongoing projects at the tables

1:55 Cleanup (children have daily jobs like line leader, pet care, environmentalist, etc.)

2:00 Story time with democratic voting

2:15 Students dismissed


Schedule: 1 afternoon / week

Enrichment classes are typically held once a week from 12-2pm, and are offered in 4- or 8-week sessions.

Ages: 3-5

Enrichment classes are open to all current Kiddie Kampus students, but space is limited. If sign-ups exceed the number of available spots, participants are selected by lottery.

Ratio: varies

Enrichment classes are typically supported by the program instructor and one Kiddie Kampus teacher.

Lunch: packed

Lunch is not provided, and is brought from home.

We typically offer three Enrichment programs throughout the school year, and they can vary year to year. Programs we have offered in the past are Bricks 4 Kidz, Fun and Fearless Cooking, French with Faiza, and Yoga for Youngins.

Extended Care

At Extended Care, children enjoy supervised lunch and free play with a teacher. It is currently offered 1 day/week from 12pm - 2pm.

Extended care is open to all current Kiddie Kampus students, and is available either on a pre-registration or walk-on basis. There is a 5:1 student-teacher ratio.

Lunch is not included in Extended Care, and is brought from home.