Our Philosophy

Kiddie Kampus embraces a play-based curriculum. Our philosophy and belief is that children learn best through play. Play takes the form of any self-satisfying activity through which the child gains control and comes to understand life. In play, children make decisions, solve problems, and deal with consequences. Influential mentors of our play-based curriculum include preschool educators such as Bev Boss, Lisa Murphy, and Tom Hobson.

We Believe . . .

. . . that each child is a unique individual, with his/her own feelings, and their own abilities.

. . . that our school's chief purpose is to help our children grow and develop.

. . . that we are all learning—children, parents, teacher alike—and that we should work together with cooperation and friendliness.

. . . that those who teach little children should be warm, friendly, and understanding; firm when need be and with that saving grace: a sense of humor.

Approach to Discipline

We use positive reinforcement that focuses on teaching children appropriate social behavior and encourages a positive sense of self. We define “appropriate behavior” as behavior that is safe to ourselves and others, behavior that is respectful to ourselves and others, and actions which create positive results. We convey this to the children with these 4 simple expectations: Be SAFE, KIND, CLEAN & FLEXIBLE.